Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thing To Do Before My Untimely Death

If the title did not clue you in to what this post is about than I will now tell you point blank. This is the list of stuff I want to do before I die. This is my bucket list. I am not going to number it out though, I will be using astrics. I feel if I use numbers then I will be making some things seem more important than others. Now before I begin I must inform you that this is the first time I have ever written this. The reason I am writing this at only 16 is to motivate myself to something and to look back on when I am older. Try not to laugh at the trivial, odd or ridiculous things I want. I shall now begin.

*get a masters in english literature

*get married

*have children

*publish a book

*travel europe

*consistently keep a year-long journal

*swim with dolphins

*visit the grand canyon

*learn to ballroom dance

*take horseback riding lessons

*watch a sunrise/sunset on the beach

*become fluent in spanish

*learn sign language

*learn to play an instrument

*go on a safari

*witness turtles hatching

*visit a rainforest

*visit new york

*go to statue of liberty

*revisit disneyland and disneyworld

*see a broadway show

*read the complete works of shakespeare

*complete NaNoWriMo

*own a beach house

*have a garden with flowers, herbs and a pond

*attend the winter/summer olympics

what do you want to do?

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