Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Been Four Years

I wish I had been a better blogger, but alas that was never the case. However, I would like to give a go one more time. I love writing, and sharing, even if no one is reading. I find it cathartic. In others, I do it for selfish reasons.

I could easily start posting here again. I could delete everything, fix the theme, and start fresh. However, I feel it is better to archive this blog. It's not great, but it is a piece of my history. Again, I am being selfish, or we'll say sentimental to make it sound sweeter. I like being able to look back at it, and I don't want to erase it even if it is rather embarrassing. So, this blog will remain, and I will be creating and posting to a new blog. I sure hope the new one goes better, but only time will tell.