Monday, May 31, 2010

I am feeling very lazy today so I have decided to post pictures! ^_^

When I get bored I love to draw. So this is a drawing I did from a picture.(actually not traced) Amar had hers up so I decided to post mine. =)

I just LOVE Pon and Zi!! This is actually part of a collage of drawings that I gave to my

I got to make silly putty in chemistry. When I got home I could not resist writing backwards and copying it. ^_^

Just another of my drawings. =)

This is my cat. Princess Moosa Baby!

I love this drawing! (it is not mine) Nothing like a Pirate's of the Carribean cartoon to end a post! ^_^
This is it for me today! Let me know what you think!


  1. my picture like your first one was the only one I posted that wasn't traced...but yours are really good :)

  2. Thanks amar!! Yours are good too! =)

  3. You are an amazing drawer, you will never seen anything hand drawn on my blog. (though I did color a picture for it!)