Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Poem (by me)

I am having serious writing blues. I just recently was able to start again. I also realized that I have neglected my blog. =( So, until I have some regular posts written, I will share some of my poems and quick writes. Today I will share a poem. I hope you enjoy. Any feedback is welcome. This poem is a multi-color poem I wrote for english class last year.

My Colors

Red is the scars from my ezcema
the blush that burns on my cheeks
after my boyfriend kisses my neck
Blue is the pushpins on my corkboard
the comforting hug of a friend
my victory in winning a chess game
Pink is the towel that dries my hair
the "I love you" in a goodbye
the hug from an old friend
Purple is the eyeshadow I wear
the sadness hidden away
the juice I drink after school
White is the innocence of Linnea
an eight year old barely shaken by life
the fresh paper I draw on
Yellow is the smile on my face
the friends in my life
the lemons that make lips pucker
Green is the grass that tickles my feet
as I run barefoot in the backyard
the peace of nature in the silence of the day
Black is the still at night
the shadows in my room
the burdens of my life
Orange is the warm hug from grandma
the stuffed cheetah on my bed
the scent of a new day


    But LOVE the poem :D

  2. Wow, that's a pretty cool poem :)

  3. @hannah i know but i will catch up =)

    thx to both of you! =)