Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tech Rehearsal!!

*I actually started to write this post on the 28th but did not finish so it was finshed on May 23rd and that is when it was published, after the Update post*

On the 28th we had our first tech rehearsal for 'Voices'! A tech rehearsal is run through of the play that focuses on working the lighting and sound cues. In other words, we clean up the technical aspect of our play and get it running smoothly!

The rehearsal was set for five but I ended up being early. =) I walked into the lobby area to find Gabe and Manny chowing down on pizza. Four boxes set on the table and Gabe handed me my crazy bread. Which has to be the most delicious bread sticks ever invented! I, being the nice person I am, shared with them. Now, them being freshman, have massive energy and perverted minds. To spare the gory details of our conversation, I will simply say that it mostly diverged to the gutter. This caused Milbrath(the drama teacher) to yell several times, "Watch your mouth, Manny!" Resulting in fits of laughter.

Okay, I do not want to spare. Here is a tidbit of convo(i am stating from memory so this is paraphrased). I had brought up the SNL video 'Dick In A Box' and this is a little of what followed...

Gabe: You were watching that?!

Me: (laughs) Yeah.

Manny: (holding large pizza box) I have always wanted to do that. You know? Just be like, BAM!

Me: You only need an individualized pizza box then.

Gabe: (laughs) Ooohh, nice!

Manny: Hey! My dick is large I will have you know!

Me: Yeah...sure.

Gabe: Fist bump!

(me and gabe fist bump)

Gabe: I need a family size!

Shortly after everyone arrived, Milbrath called us in and gave us a little 'lets do good and get out of here quick' speech. We, hyped up, went backstage and took our places, which happen to be in a row of chairs that line the back of the stage.

Opening Scene: We had to re-do it because we were laughing too much and unfocused. I was dancing to my own music when noone was looking. ^_^

*I have one scene so I am backstage mostly*

Scene One: I found out that the zipper on my bag is loud and that the velcro is equally as loud. Also, it is hard to write poetry on the dimly lit stage.

Scene Two: That damn zipper is even louder when closed!!

Scene Three: I GIVE UP ON THE POETRY!! OMG, i did not know Darika could get that loud! WOOT!! Way to go!! I knew you could do it!

Scene Four: It's the lesbian scene...*watches the two awesome actresses pull off the scene almost perfectly*

Scene Five: Oooohh! I'm next!! *moves into position*

Scene Six: Oh fudge! I was late on my cue! *prays Milbrath will not notice* I only had to do the first bit and then skip to the last bit. Phew! (this is just a tech rehearsal)

Scene Seven: Pregnant cheerleader scene! Played by two freshman!! *crosses fingers and prays* Wow! They are actually doing better!

Scene Eight: Oh! I love this scene! ...hahaha...ELIZABETHEAN MUTANT!! (Gabe is playing a kid that is talking like shakespeare and manny is a friend that is teasing him, turns out that he read romeo opposite a girl he likes in english...It is a really cute scene) Jerry's hot for Angela 'juliet' delicious DeCarlo!!!!!

Scene Nine: Serious time! *watches intently as the scene plays out*

Group Scene: *rushes to place* I have the first line! I love to do it as loud as possible. ^_^ Milbrath gets frustrated at our lack of seriousness. We have to redo it a few times and finally exit.

*Break in greenroom*

We all are very talkative and bouncing around. Gabe is listening in for our cue and he listens into the convo between Milbrath, our stage manager, Beccah and our techie(for lighting), Kyle. They have a fun time talking about our lack of commitment and how everyone is off cue. Then what really pisses everyone(except me because i understand) is when Milbrath tells Kyle that he is doing better than all the actors and we have been working for over a month. This makes everyone determined to try hard and prove him wrong. To say the least, for the rest of the time everyone really tried to focus.

I hope that you now kind of get what a tech rehearsal is like for us! A dash a crazy + a pinch of focus + a lot of fun work = disaster that mostly pulls together + awesome lighting and sound =)

I will just say that for the 29th rehearsal that there was a lot more energy. We actually had a chair jumping contest after our break between act one and two. It was hilarious and a lot fun but it pissed off Milbrath.

On the rehearsal the day of the show not everyone showed up and we only had to be there if needed. I ended up chatting with Kyle and doing the opening scene with very little enthusiasm then going home to get ready.

So, what do you think about the rehearsals? Wish you were there? Glad you were not there?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Play


My drama teacher decided to let us put on a spring play! It is called 'Voices From the High School' and to be honest I do not really care for it. We are performing this Friday and Saturday. A lot of the people do not have lines memorized, cues are sketchy and emotion is lacking. I am personally feeling awful because the girl I am doing my scene with is never at school when we are supposed to rehearse. I have gone through the scene with blocking about twice. To say the least I am feeling very unprepared. I am also beginning to get upset. The class has a portion of freshman who would not even take an atomic bombing serious and then get pissed when they are called out about it. I know that the class has come a far way but seeing where we are, that is depressing. Where we are is no where near a composed high school drama class. It is closer to a third grade class. There have been four tech days held for the play. For the first one, I was the only person that came. Three people came to the second one. Me and a friend went to the third and at the last one, only me and two other girls were there. I honestly have no idea how we are gonna scrape this together when no one cares enough to try.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Things I Learned Today

I have had nothing to do today which resulted in me spending most of my day online, texting my boyfriend and attempting to help my sister on her project. I have learned some interesting things...

1) Kurtis does not like when I pester him about his lack of texting etiquitte. He gets upset.

2) Posting the lyrics to a love song is not nice when the discussion is about troubled love. (i am sorry bpotatoe and rebel)

3)MUFFINS ARE AWESOME AND SHALL OWN THE WORLD!! (they also need their own day)

4) Lots of hot cheetos + Dr.Pepper=stomach ache

5) My sparkler friends think I have awesome hair! (thanks y'all, you are too sweet)

6) Prom dates are stressfull and I should plan the date arrangements way ahead of time to avoid this!

7) Popsicle stick barns are not as easy to make as they look!!

8) The E-Bay song is a great way to cheer yourself up

9) Tossing stick figures down stairs relieves stress

10) It helps to imagine said stick figure as someone you dislike

11) Torquoise is a magic gem that is great for boosting mood

12) Harry Potter is awesome and can bring people together

13) Bondage games are not fun(thanks for the graphic images Stephen King)

14) Reading, texting and chatting online are impossible to do simultaneously

15) Short is awesome! FUN SIZE!!

16) Plastic plates+metal pizza holder+microwave=melted plastic+angry mom

17) Monkeys are expensive!!

18) It is fun to sing and dance to Dum Dadi Doo by Nightcore when one is home alone

19) Make sure your blinds are closed when you dance

20) Neighborhood boys are nosy

21) An 'i love you' fixes many problems

22) My cat, Princess Moosa Baby, has very bad separation issues

23) That result in her launching herself at my legs

24) Sparklers are great listeners

25) My i-tunes is physcic

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello everyone! Is anyone out there? Well, is anyone out there and reading this? If so, then I would love a comment so I know that I am not just sending these out to no one. Anyways, this is my first blog on here! That is why I think introductions are necessary. My name is Brittany. You may call me Britt or whatever other, non-rude nickname pops into your head, I don't mind and would love to hear your thought process. I find the human mind to be quite fascinating. So, what is there to know about me? Well, I will start with physical attributes. I am 16 and only five feet, one inch tall. I love being fun sized. I hate my weight though. I am considered overweight by about twenty pounds. I despise those twenty pounds but I deal with them. I have dark brown eyes that come from my mom's side of the family. My blond, curly/wavy and unruly hair comes from my dad. I might as well mention right now that I live with my mom and little sister, Karissa, who is fourteen. I do not know my dad, have a restraining order against him and do not want to meet him. The other thing he gave me is eczema. This causes my skin to produce an insufficient amount of moisture, making my skin dry and causing sores, all of which itch like crazy. To top that off I have severe food allergies and asthma. All in all, I am not the healthiest person.
My personality is something completely different though. One can describe my thinking like a bouncy ball thrown into a room with trampolines for walls. I also have mood swings. One minute I am boiling over with happiness and energy and the next I am upset and brooding in a corner. I tend to come up with the most off the wall statements and I have my own fantasy world. I do know that it does not really exist but I believe imagination a key part of maintaining sanity.
I am a very outgoing and outspoken person. Not to say I am rude but I am very opinionated and offer my thoughts freely. I dislike people who are unwilling to be open and condemn people for their beliefs. I am a devote Christian but believe that everyone has a choice to live their life how they choose. As long as it does not harm anyone or thing.
I am a rather 'creative' person. I love to draw, write, act, sing(badly), dance, listen to music, read or anything that lets me express myself. I also am very logical. I take advanced classes at school and like anything that makes me think. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but it has to have a logical base and make sense for me to enjoy it. To say the least I am not a fan of the twilight saga.
My friends are an important part of my life as well. They keep me happy and brighten my day as well as stimulate my mind. In fact they are the only reason I am still here. Especially my boyfriend, Kurtis, right now. He is a major support and lifeline for me. I love him very much.
My family is another story. I love them dearly but they drive me crazy. My mom and sister can be very nice and supportive but a lot of the time are anything but. My grandparents on the other hand are my favorite people. They are supportive, caring, kind and just awesome. My uncle bob is not a major part of my life but he is important to me and I love him very much.
I prefer water to land and silver to gold. My favorite color and gem is torquoise. I am scared to death of bees and needles. I also find clowns to be rather creepy. I love all types of music with the exception of screamo. I just hate not being able to understand. I love clothes and jewelry but I am not against getting down and dirty. My favorite places are the beach, the mall, the park, the pier in San Francisco and Scandia. I love hanging with friends and having a good time.
Well, I think that is enough of an intro to me. So, anything else you want to know? Anything you want to tell me about you?