Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello everyone! Is anyone out there? Well, is anyone out there and reading this? If so, then I would love a comment so I know that I am not just sending these out to no one. Anyways, this is my first blog on here! That is why I think introductions are necessary. My name is Brittany. You may call me Britt or whatever other, non-rude nickname pops into your head, I don't mind and would love to hear your thought process. I find the human mind to be quite fascinating. So, what is there to know about me? Well, I will start with physical attributes. I am 16 and only five feet, one inch tall. I love being fun sized. I hate my weight though. I am considered overweight by about twenty pounds. I despise those twenty pounds but I deal with them. I have dark brown eyes that come from my mom's side of the family. My blond, curly/wavy and unruly hair comes from my dad. I might as well mention right now that I live with my mom and little sister, Karissa, who is fourteen. I do not know my dad, have a restraining order against him and do not want to meet him. The other thing he gave me is eczema. This causes my skin to produce an insufficient amount of moisture, making my skin dry and causing sores, all of which itch like crazy. To top that off I have severe food allergies and asthma. All in all, I am not the healthiest person.
My personality is something completely different though. One can describe my thinking like a bouncy ball thrown into a room with trampolines for walls. I also have mood swings. One minute I am boiling over with happiness and energy and the next I am upset and brooding in a corner. I tend to come up with the most off the wall statements and I have my own fantasy world. I do know that it does not really exist but I believe imagination a key part of maintaining sanity.
I am a very outgoing and outspoken person. Not to say I am rude but I am very opinionated and offer my thoughts freely. I dislike people who are unwilling to be open and condemn people for their beliefs. I am a devote Christian but believe that everyone has a choice to live their life how they choose. As long as it does not harm anyone or thing.
I am a rather 'creative' person. I love to draw, write, act, sing(badly), dance, listen to music, read or anything that lets me express myself. I also am very logical. I take advanced classes at school and like anything that makes me think. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but it has to have a logical base and make sense for me to enjoy it. To say the least I am not a fan of the twilight saga.
My friends are an important part of my life as well. They keep me happy and brighten my day as well as stimulate my mind. In fact they are the only reason I am still here. Especially my boyfriend, Kurtis, right now. He is a major support and lifeline for me. I love him very much.
My family is another story. I love them dearly but they drive me crazy. My mom and sister can be very nice and supportive but a lot of the time are anything but. My grandparents on the other hand are my favorite people. They are supportive, caring, kind and just awesome. My uncle bob is not a major part of my life but he is important to me and I love him very much.
I prefer water to land and silver to gold. My favorite color and gem is torquoise. I am scared to death of bees and needles. I also find clowns to be rather creepy. I love all types of music with the exception of screamo. I just hate not being able to understand. I love clothes and jewelry but I am not against getting down and dirty. My favorite places are the beach, the mall, the park, the pier in San Francisco and Scandia. I love hanging with friends and having a good time.
Well, I think that is enough of an intro to me. So, anything else you want to know? Anything you want to tell me about you?


  1. AHHHHH I LOVE YOUR HAIR! :) and i'm uber tall compared to you :) *glares down nose*

  2. i'm here and reading this :)

    i love your hair too :)