Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Things I Learned Today

I have had nothing to do today which resulted in me spending most of my day online, texting my boyfriend and attempting to help my sister on her project. I have learned some interesting things...

1) Kurtis does not like when I pester him about his lack of texting etiquitte. He gets upset.

2) Posting the lyrics to a love song is not nice when the discussion is about troubled love. (i am sorry bpotatoe and rebel)

3)MUFFINS ARE AWESOME AND SHALL OWN THE WORLD!! (they also need their own day)

4) Lots of hot cheetos + Dr.Pepper=stomach ache

5) My sparkler friends think I have awesome hair! (thanks y'all, you are too sweet)

6) Prom dates are stressfull and I should plan the date arrangements way ahead of time to avoid this!

7) Popsicle stick barns are not as easy to make as they look!!

8) The E-Bay song is a great way to cheer yourself up

9) Tossing stick figures down stairs relieves stress

10) It helps to imagine said stick figure as someone you dislike

11) Torquoise is a magic gem that is great for boosting mood

12) Harry Potter is awesome and can bring people together

13) Bondage games are not fun(thanks for the graphic images Stephen King)

14) Reading, texting and chatting online are impossible to do simultaneously

15) Short is awesome! FUN SIZE!!

16) Plastic plates+metal pizza holder+microwave=melted plastic+angry mom

17) Monkeys are expensive!!

18) It is fun to sing and dance to Dum Dadi Doo by Nightcore when one is home alone

19) Make sure your blinds are closed when you dance

20) Neighborhood boys are nosy

21) An 'i love you' fixes many problems

22) My cat, Princess Moosa Baby, has very bad separation issues

23) That result in her launching herself at my legs

24) Sparklers are great listeners

25) My i-tunes is physcic


  1. seems like you had i very interesting, informative day...all i did was watch batman and happy feet...

  2. you *do* have awesomeful hair!!! :D
    and i'd much rather be tall then short! :)

  3. iTunes is crazy psychic!!!

    and yes, it probably is a good thing to keep your blinds closed while dancing... :D