Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Play


My drama teacher decided to let us put on a spring play! It is called 'Voices From the High School' and to be honest I do not really care for it. We are performing this Friday and Saturday. A lot of the people do not have lines memorized, cues are sketchy and emotion is lacking. I am personally feeling awful because the girl I am doing my scene with is never at school when we are supposed to rehearse. I have gone through the scene with blocking about twice. To say the least I am feeling very unprepared. I am also beginning to get upset. The class has a portion of freshman who would not even take an atomic bombing serious and then get pissed when they are called out about it. I know that the class has come a far way but seeing where we are, that is depressing. Where we are is no where near a composed high school drama class. It is closer to a third grade class. There have been four tech days held for the play. For the first one, I was the only person that came. Three people came to the second one. Me and a friend went to the third and at the last one, only me and two other girls were there. I honestly have no idea how we are gonna scrape this together when no one cares enough to try.


  1. DIZZY! xD Hi!

    And I love drama!! Last thing we did was Chicago.

    Me + playing murderer = fail.

  2. that really sucks...hope it turns out ok...