Monday, August 8, 2011

The Start of a New Year(My 17th Birthday)

Yesterday marked the start of my last year as a child(in the legal sense). I am officially seventeen years old. *throws confetti and pops open the sparkling cider* This is the last that I can wreak havoc on the world and not face life in prison. I can run around shouting hexes at an imaginary foe. I can skip down the street and sing the Barney theme song. I can still order from the children's menu at restaurants and buy a happy meal at McDonald's.
All fun and games aside, I am actually scared. I now have to start taking responsibility for my actions. I will no longer have adults to rely on. I have to actually make decisions and deal with the consequences. I have to apply to college and financial aid. The decisions I now face will dictate how my life turns out. It is terrifying.
On a less serious note, I had a lovely birthday. I wanted a relaxing and fun day so I chose to go with my family and boyfriend to one of my favorite places, the beach.
I ran around like a crazy person with my sister, Karissa(Kay Kay), and my boyfriend, Kurtis. We buried Kurtis in the sand. He rested through the whole thing and was fine until he got sand in his mouth.
I love him for letting me do this. It was so fun and he was such a good sport. We later walked down the beach and got soaked trying to outrun a wave. After that, we went to a gift shop where I got a small basket of shells.
We then went to the seafood restaurant next door. I got my favorite appetizer, calamari. I expected to get the little fried ones but instead the gave us steamed(?) ones in a garlic butter sauce and fresh ones(they looked like they had just been taken out the ocean and still had tentacles). I love meat but I have issues with food that still looks like it could be alive. That would be why I rarely eat seafood. My sister found it amusing to keep sticking it in my face and pretending they were alive(not amusing). Then when our food arrived(I got clam chowder, it was yummy), my papa decided to tell the waiter that it was my birthday. Which resulted in me and my sister each getting large glasses filled with chocolate mousse. Which was delicious, but very rich and filling. I honestly thought I was going to be sick. I spent the car ride home cuddled into my boyfriend. We made an impromptu stop at a random park cause my sister was feeling sick. To our surprise, they were in the middle of preparing to put on a Shakespeare play. As a theater geek and literature nerd, it was amazing seeing the actors in costume and setting up the stage. It was doubly awesome because I got to appeal to my inner child by playing on the swings and still feel mature because the actors were speaking in old English. After that we went to my grandparent's apartment for cake and presents. I get a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white icing every year. My mom always surprises me with the design. This year she had them put a yin-yang on the cake.
It was scrumptious. My boyfriend made me a slide show of pictures of me, us and a couple of significant drawings and set it to our song(Smile by Uncle Kracker). It was so sweet. My grandparents got me a new camera(I scratched the lens on my old one) and a blouse. They always buy scratchers for mine and my sister's birthdays but my grandma forgot to pick some up this year. So, after they dropped us all of at home, they went and got me scratchers. I then went on to prove my theory that states "Brittany has horrible luck". I won nothing but the quarter that I was given to scratch them with. Despite that, it was still a fabulous day. I had so much fun at the beach. I had expected it to be windy and freezing. It was actually barely wind and only a little cold. I had such a great day. I can not wait to find out what happens this year. I am nervous for my future and scared but I am also excited and joyous.

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