Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday was my junior prom! I had so much fun! I shall now give you the layout of my wonderful day...bare with me ^_^

8:00 - wake up and realize that i can still sleep

8:45 - my mom barges in to talk with me, thus ruining my slumber

9:15 - trudge downstairs to eat breakfast(raisin bran)

11:00 - after watching two hours of tv, I finally decide i should start getting ready

11:30 - blow dry my hair

11:45 - straighten the bottom layer of my hair and my bangs

12:00 - put on cream and get my hair braided

12:40 - read and listen to music until my hair drys

2:00 - apply more cream and then foundation

3:00 - change into dress and nylons(they took forever to put on because of my nails)

3:30 - time to do my make-up. I ended up experimenting with all my eyeshadows and ended up with a mix or five different ones and black and purple eyeliner. i then had to do about five coats of mascara and finally lipstick could be applied

4:45 - rush downstairs with curling iron and beg my mom to finish curling my hair. she ends up wasting time by digging around for hair accesories

5:10 - my grandparents arrive. my grandma then proceeds to curl my hair

5:30 - I am finally ready. I grab my clutch and rush out the door. My grandma snaps a quick pic as I rush to the car.

5:45 - I arrive at my boyfriend's grandparent's house(after we got lost). Kurtis helps me inside where his family is waiting. He puts the corsage(three white roses with a light purple ribbon) on my wrist and I attempt to put on his boutonniere but I am shaking so much that I can't so his grandma puts it on. We then go to the backyard for pictures.
6:15 - We now head out to eat. This is about the point where I feel I should say that his parents are really great and supportive of us. They let us go in to the restaurant first and then come in a few minutes later. We end up having to wait for about 15 minutes. Which is awkward because this is not a restaurant in which very fancy attire is worn. In other words, we are the only ones dressed up so everyone knows we are here before Prom. We also find out that the hostess has two kids who go to school with us which is awkward because we do not know them.
6:30 - We are seated and find out that we have a hella chill waiter. He just graduated high school a couple years back and played sports so we end up talking. The meal was great minus my small allergic reaction to the salad dressing which I covered up very well if I do say so myself. I also found out that my bf had never had an Arnold Palmer. *cue my shock* It is one of my favorite drinks and for anyone who does not know it then I am sorry for you but it is half lemonade and half iced tea.
7:40 - On the way to Prom now...
8:00 - We arrive at the hotel in which Prom is held. The first person I see that I know well is my Spanish teacher. I love her. We end up talking and hugging and squealing over my shoes(I ended up getting about ten different people complimenting my shoes, which makes them so worth the mess it was to get them). I also should note that at this point I stopped keeping track of time until the end of the night. We met up with friends on the way to take pictures and dropped off our stuff in the room. My school rented out two rooms next to each other. One room was used for photos and they set up a place to drop off whatever we did not want in the other room, which was the actual dance. It had buffet tables across two walls for desserts, snacks and drinks. Then their were tables and the dance floor was down a few steps so it was set apart. I mostly danced with my boyfriend but it was in a group. I had so much fun. I danced with a girl from my drama class a lot and we ended hanging out with her and her bf. A guy that I have a few classes with and met freshman year found it necessary to grin his ass against me then give me a hug. It sounds awkward but it wasn't because that is just how he is. We ended the night with a slow song and my grandparents drove us home. I got home around midnight and slept most of today. It was a blast. I love my friends and my boyfriend. They gave me an amazing night that has left me with wonderful memories.

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