Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brittany is studying for her AP Lang test, completing a history project and preparing for Prom. In other words, she has no free time. This will be a picture blog. I hope you enjoy.
This is just the average Scrabble game between my best friend, Alondra, and myself.

A drawing that now resides in the back cover of my history binder.

This was drawn for my boyfriend. It now resides in the front cover of my history binder.

This is a drawing of Agito from Air Gear. I drew it upon request by my friend, Fernando. It was a gift to him.

This is one of my favorites because I think it is such a cute picture. This is one of the many drawings I have done of it. It reminds me of my boyfriend, Kurtis, and me.

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  1. ZOMG! Did you draw those? They're adorable! :O

    Good luck with AP Lang.
    I hate AP English classes. >.<