Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vampire, Play and Prom Mania

Kitty: Britt, can I tell you a secret?

Me: Sure, what is it?

Kitty: I am really a vampire.

Me: Hm, really? How interesting.*thinks she is joking*

Kitty: Yeah, really.

Me: Vegetarian?

Kitty: No, humans taste better and allow me to be in the sun.

Me: Oh. I see.

*awkward silence*

Kitty: I'm not joking. *she is serious looking*

Me: Sure. I think I have to go now. Michelle is waiting to run lines. *hurriedly walks away*

Sweetie, no matter how much you say you are a vampire, you are not a vampire. I know that it sounds very appealing to you and you really want to believe it, or at least make everyone else believe it, but it is not true. Kitty, as much as I love you, I can not and will not indulge this fantasy. This is not healthy. Especially when you start sucking the blood out of your boyfriend's cut. I am pretty sure that that is detrimental to your health. Also, if you really are a vampire than how in the world would you be able to so peacefully live with us humans whose blood you so desire? Besides, you gulf down actual food faster than I can even take one bite of my muffin. Which, while I am on the topic, is really annoying and rude. I brought the snack and drink so that I would have something to eat and drink because I was actually working all day. When I said you could have a little, that is what I meant. Anything more than a large handful and drink is exceeding what you were given permission to have. In other words, if you want more than that you have to ask. Now, back to the vampire problem. I really do not know why you would choose to be a vampire. Out of all the lies you could have made up about yourself, why vampire? I could only guess that it is because they are popular at the moment and it probably is just to get attention. You really should talk to your counselor about this.

Now, on to more real news. My past two months have revolved around rehearsals and teching for my drama class' spring play. I was usually one of the few people to actually go to a tech Saturday and actually do something. This is frustrating beyond belief for many reasons. First, this puts lot of focus on me to actually do a lot of work. I am a very short and athletically challenged girl. Building, moving and setting up flats and bookcases is not the easiest task to do mostly on my own. Second, I do not fancy to spend my weekend with my drama teacher, especially if it is just me. I will be honest, it is kinda creepy and very awkward. Third, this shows no effort and support from the other cast members which ticks me off. I am spending my Saturday building a set for people who wanted this play while they goof off.

Then, almost everyone decides to not learn their lines and blocking and skip rehearsals. The only people who show up to rehearsals are the people who know their lines. I happen to be a person who learns her lines through repetition, so by other people not knowing their lines, I lose my lines. Also, when a show is double cast and people screw off so much that we end up with having a single cast and having to cast someone previously in a role to a different role because the other two people will not put in the effort or time, there is a problem. Do you understand how much stress it puts on me to have to change my schedule numerous times? I rely on my grandparents, who live across town, to give me rides. I can not just call them last minute to drive me somewhere. I also have an uncle who is out of town a lot. He cancels plans to come see me act, only to find out that it is not the actual night because the cast screws up so much. The second act was a total mess and two people were reading scripts the whole time. One girl, who had a script in her hand, still lost, changed or skipped most of the lines. Almost all the cues to open passages were missed and because we had to put a new person on the lights, we had random blackouts or lights that would not turn on. The show was even canceled by the teacher at one point because he was so fed up.

Finally, on the two actual show days we kinda pulled things together. There were still many mess ups but no one broke character and we actually ended up creating something enjoyable. In fact, Ben even broke a chair during his fight scene with AJ. All in all, it ended up working out but was not anywhere near great. Now that it is over, I have so much more free time.

I now spend my days worrying and preparing for my Junior Prom. I luckily already had a dress(I am using my sophomore homecoming dress) and a boyfriend(no stressing over a date). I was lacking everything else though. The easiest thing to do was to make a nail appointment. Everything else is not so easy. I left my boyfriend with the choice of restaurant. Not the best idea ever. He is more indecisive and worries about my opinion very much. Therefore, this decision took him two weeks(he just decided last week).

Kurtis: So, where would you like to go to dinner?

Me: I already told you, wherever you want is fine. The decision is yours.

Kurtis: Well, um, I am not sure yet.

Me: Well, since you neglected to properly ask me to Prom than this place better be fantastic. I want an underwater aquarium. *I am clearly joking*

Kurtis: So you want to go to *insert local seafood restaurant*?

Me: Um, that is not what I meant but OK.

I still had to order a boutonniere, which took two days of correspondence between us to figure out just what flower he was getting on my corsage so I could coordinate.(If you have not already noticed, we have a bit of a communication problem.) We still do not have a proper schedule planned out.

I was also in need of shoes. I have not only wide feet but thick feet. This makes finding heels that fit near impossible. For almost three weeks I went to every store in my town and the next town and found not a single shoe that fit. Finally, today, I was able to find a pair of heels. I still had to buy padding for the heel so they would fit because I had to buy a size larger to accomodate my irregular feet. Luckily, the store I had to go to for the inserts had cute clutches so I solved that problem as well. I am now just fretting over tomorrow and having to finalize plans and praying that my nails and hair turn out nice.

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